Annual Meeting  February 7, 2021 conducted remotely via Zoom platform

The Annual Meeting of the Somesville Union Meeting House was called to order by  Moderator, Charles Stanhope at 12:00 pm following a short break after Zoom Sunday worship. Charles shared his pleasure at reading reports after such a tough year and  recognizing how much we have accomplished.  Rev. Janet Adair Hansen offered an opening prayer.  

Article I: Appointment of Parliamentarian – Janet Clifford was appointed  parliamentarian by acclamation. A quorum was present – at least 51% (23) of those  members currently in residence and able to attend. Forty three members were present.


Article II: 2020 Reports of Minister, Moderator, Clerk, Boards, Financial Reports, Standing Committees,  Delegates, and Minutes of February 2, 2020 Annual Meeting – Bob Seddig moved acceptance of all these reports. Dick Crawford seconded  the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Several highlights and celebrations were shared including the progress and need for help from the Search Committee.  Some reports have addendums which will be compiled and recorded.  Printed copies of updated reports will be available on request.

Article III: Budget for 2021 –The proposed  budget presented at this meeting for 2020 was  developed by the Finance Committee using input from various committees and knowledge of previous budgets. A minor change from the version previously distributed was increasing the Office Assistant hourly pay rate to $16/hour (instead of $15.75).  Discussion was held around the provision for a ¾ time pastor position. Approving this proposed budget does not indicate that a decision has yet been made about whether the future Settled Pastor will be full-time or part-time. This only reflects our current state with a ¾ time Interim Pastor for 2021. We will have to prepare a revised budget when the time comes to prepare the compensation package for our new settled pastor. Gail Reiber moved that the proposed  budget be accepted for 2021 with the understanding that we will have to revise it when we hire a settled pastor. Bob Seddig seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Article IV: Action item from the finance committee - The finance committee asked to transfer the year end surplus of $9,369 to the Facilities fund with the understanding that these funds could be transferred to other areas of the budget if needed. Keith Bowie made the motion and Susan Haggstrom seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Article V: Proposed Slate of Officers/Board/Committee members for 2020– Kate St.Denis and Dotty-Kay Stillman who served as the Nominating Committee presented the  slate thanking  both those who have agreed to continue their current positions as well as those who are assuming new positions. Betsy Roberts was thanked for her six years as Clerk. We continue to look for both a Clerk and a Spiritual Ministry member at large (whose role was explained by Kate St Denis, the former representative).  Gerry Gregersen moved acceptance of the proposed slate. The motion was seconded by Carmen Sanford. The proposed slate was accepted unanimously. The document with  officers, board and committee members for 2021 will be  included in the updated Annual Report  Booklet.


Article VI: Renewal of covenant with The Alcyon Center – Representing the Alcyon  Center, Kathryn Booth gave thanks that we all get to work together in, “parallel ministries that occasionally get to intertwine.” They offered their renovated buildings and outdoor areas to all of us. Joan Jordan Grant added an in person socially distanced welcome for regeneration.  Dick Crawford moved that the Church  renew its covenant with the Alcyon Center, first begun in 2006. Susan Anghinetti seconded the motion. The motion  passed unanimously.

Rev. Dr. Janet Adair Hansen offered a brief closing prayer,

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Kate St.Denis