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The Somesville Union Meeting House is a ministry partner of the Alcyon Center  - a nearby spiritual retreat center on Mount Desert Island. [click on url above for hot link]

Located in Seal Cove on the western side of MDI, the Rev.s Joan Jordan Grant and Kathryn Booth founded the Center to fulfill a vision rooted in a desire for bold and practical ways to meet the spiritual hunger of our times.  The Alcyon Center provides a peaceful setting and an experience of living a daily rhythm of work, prayer, study, and rest.  The living experience of the Alcyon Center constitutes the main way of bringing this vision to life.

An Alcyon Center Retreat is an experience of being welcomed, body, soul, and spirit, into the life of a small, practicing contemplative community. The Center's hospitality reflects the stunning natural beauty of its Island home, the warmth of its welcoming hosts, the depth of its silence, the refreshment of its daily rhythms, and the openness of its doors to all who seek transformative rest, renewal, program, study, practice, and training in the interior life. 

July 31, 2020 the Alcyon Center published "Alcyon Study Guide for Times of

Spiritual Crisis – Six Doorways into Contemplative Cultural Research and Repair"


The Alcyon Center functions as a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors

and is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization established in 2007.   



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