Quietside Chamber Music Festival Concert Summer 2019
Sunday Morning Worship

In the summer, Music Director Christina Spurling arranges for "Quietside Music Festival" Concerts, hosted in the church sanctuary and other nearby locations on Mount Desert Island.  Sadly, the Coronavirus Pandemic forced the cancellation of the Summer 2020 series, but a 5 concert series will happen July - August 2021.

Sunday morning worship is at 10:30 AM. Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are only offering virtual worship via 'Zoom' but may resume limited in person worship summer 2021.

The church bell is rung at the start of in-person services. Worship follows an Order of Service, beginning with a Prelude and ending with a Postlude, provided by Music Director Christina Spurling

-either on the grand piano

or the organ.


The Sermon is in the middle,

and usually the Scriptures

are based on the "Lectionary"

texts. Unison readings by

the congregation include the

special "Peace Affirmation" and "The Lord's Prayer." Sometimes there are "Responsive" Readings as well. A "Moment for Mission" is highlighted weekly. Prayer Joys & Concerns are shared, and the Deacon of the month lifts up a "Friend of the Week" to whom a card is sent.

Often special musicians also play for Sunday morning worship, such as these photos from a "Jazz Sunday Worship" summer 2019 and the Pope sisters playing for November 2020. 

The Somesville Union Meeting House congregation highly values music, and has been blessed with gifted and accomplished Music Directors. The late Jamie Hagedorn was the church's Music Director before Christina Spurling came in May 2017. Hagedorn had also directed the Acadia Choral Society. Church members and friends have not only sung for our Church Choir, but for the Acadia Choral Society and for Evensong (a hospice choral group for Hancock County). 

Many of the members of the Acadia Handbell Choir also belong to our church. The Parish House is the location for rehearsals,  and the handbells are stored in our facilities. 

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