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Some events we volunteer at include Window Dressers and others like:

Thanksgiving Baskets 

2020 Thanksgiving baskets Alice, Mac, Ju

Volunteers from SUMH helped assemble 66 boxes and bags of food for the needy on Mon. Nov. 16th through the Thanksgiving Baskets program hosted by the Bar Harbor UCC church.

2020 Thanksgiving baskets Kay, Dot, Carmen, Thayer, Alice, Mac, Juanita, Gail.jpg

Draft Mission Statement for Mission Committee

Because we, the Somesville Union Meeting House, UCC, are a member of the world-wide Body of Christ, an Open and Affirming congregation, and a Just Peace Church, in our mission support and interpretation, we will give priority attention to:

  • the needs of those living on the margins, the poor, the hungry, the sick,

  • the homeless, the isolated, migrants, refugees, victims of war and violence, prisoners,

  • victims of gun violence, victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, those bullied for sexual orientation or gender identification,

  • all those excluded or discriminated against by the dominant culture in which they live,

  • and the impacts of Climate Change and the 6th Mass Extinction faced by our planet.


We will support those seeking spiritual nurture,

and projects dedicated to the care of God’s creation and its ecosystems.


Our advocacy and education will pay attention to:

social injustice, economic injustice, racial injustice, gender injustice, environmental injustice.


Our goal is to direct our annual mission support 3 ways:

  • to projects serving our local, county, or state communities;

  • to projects serving our national community;

  • and to projects serving the world-wide community

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